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To book an entire room, you will need to purchase the maximum capacity for that specific game room.Our rooms have the following capacity: The Heist | 7 Classified | 7 Prison Break | 8 Gold Rush | 8 Playground | 12We recommend our games for ages 13 and up.Any participants under the age of 18 will need an adult to sign their waiver.

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Usually if you fail to escape within the allocated 60 minutes but you are close to the end, we will let you finish the game. Suitable for 2-8 persons per room, you can tag along and join in the fun, whether you want to help them defeat the evil captain in Mutiny or help the police disband the mob in prohibition Chicago.

It wasn't long until their quest for answers became conclusive… After years of sailin' the high seas, you and your crew have succeeded your fair share of ambushes, and as a result – your ship is teamin' with bounty.

Yet you're still suffering beneath the cruel wrath o' Captain Starling - a notoriously bloodthirsty buccaneer, and your shipmates have decided you all shall take matters into your own hands. you fought for the gold, so the gold is yours for the taking, aye? The Commissioner has put together a special task force of straight, trusted cops and you're on the team.

Escaping will require teamwork, quick thinking, determination and a sense of urgency!

From the moment you step into your game, you’ll be totally immersed in our world.

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