Cote de pablo dating married

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Picasso had a tremendous influence on art in the 20th century, and as he evolved, changed and progressed as an artist, he went through many different periods of style.

Picasso’s first distinct style is known as his Blue Period, which dates 1900 to 1904, during which time he painted using a limited palette of blues and greys.

Woman with Mandolin, 1910, is quite a difficult painting to decipher, but this is Cubism at its most extreme.

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From her past relationship, she has always been seen dating older men.During 1917 Picasso visited Italy and he became inspired by Raphael and Ingres.One year later Picasso married and his life became a little more ordered.The artist achieved some fame in these years, and met a lover, Fernande Olivier, which took him out of his depression and his penniless existence.The Boy With a Pipe was created during this period, and shows an unknown young man with a garland of flowers in his hair.

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