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If Parliament isn't filtering this sort of material then it is always likely to end up with this sort of scenario from time-to-time.

Given that it is likely that some of them try, there's no particular reason why it shouldn't be Damian Green.His analysis of the way the computer had been used left the former detective constable in "no doubt whatsoever" that it was Mr Green, who was then an opposition immigration spokesman but is now the first secretary of state."The computer was in Mr Green's office, on his desk, logged in, his account, his name," said Mr Lewis, who at the time was working as a computer forensics examiner for SO15, the counter-terrorism command."In between browsing pornography, he was sending emails from his account, his personal account, reading was ridiculous to suggest anybody else could have done it." To put this into context - the computer was seized in 2008 when Green was arrested over the suspected leaking of confidential material.Any investigation such as that will look at web browsing history, recently accessed or saved documents, cookies, bookmarks and stored documents and images.So, it is utterly credibly that the investigation would have found this type of activity if it had occurred.

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