Intellij updating modified files

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That is, you can check in code you write in Intelli J into the AEM JCR.Likewise, if you make a change in AEM using CRXDE lite, you can checkout the code that results in the code in Intelli J being updated.To test whether you properly setup Maven, enter the following Maven command into a command prompt: Note: For more information about setting up Maven and the Home variable, see: Maven in 5 Minutes.

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It enables JRebel for applications and servers with a single click and improves the debugging support in the IDE.This tool window displays a flat list of modules of the project.From here it is possible to quickly enable JRebel configuration for a particular module.Tip Intelli J IDEA might warn you that JRebel plugin depends on Web Sphere and Web Logic plugins that might be disabled or not available in case of Intelli J IDEA Community Edition. These dependencies are optional and you can either accept or decline the enabling of the corresponding plugins. All the released versions of the plugin are hosted at To install the plugin from the ZIP archive, follow these steps: Following the installation, you probably won’t have a license yet.Once your IDE restarts, the JRebel plugin will notify you about this.

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