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"I wonder if she would even think that," he smiled."I mean, she knows I was absolutely in love with her, so I wonder," said the movie star."Being short, skinny, having a soprano voice and braces at the same time.That was tough, and being a late bloomer made it even tougher to deal with, but I got over it somehow." "I was a very late bloomer, so when I was 16 I looked like I was about 11," Faris admitted.With the film's plot concerning Chris (Reynolds), a formerly fat high school loser returning home a decade later to seize the love of former friend Jamie (Smart), Reynolds and crew found themselves with one prop that easily helped them pass the time."It was the best first day of filming," Smart remembers of seeing Reynolds transformed into the overweight high school version of his character.[The cape] was a Christmas tree skirt." Asked to name something about herself that has changed over the years, Smart laughed and said, "My nose. I was more of this hopeless romantic in my head; I just wanted this love and romance and boyfriend, and I was just boy-crazy." Reynolds sympathized with Smart's unrequited love.

"Thankfully, there were no conflicting personalities; everybody loved each other and we were actually sad to leave." Doubling for snowy New Jersey, the set saw temperatures dip 50 degrees below zero while serving as a temporary home to Reynolds and co-stars Amy Smart, Anna Faris and Chris Klein.

With director Roger Kumble ("The Sweetest Thing") promoting an improv-heavy film shoot, the comedic veteran of the "Scary Movie" films allowed Samantha's uncontrolled id to take over.

"Kissing Ryan with the toothpaste," she said, naming her favorite off-the-cuff take. I don't think he knew what was coming, and I just really get him.

I mean, that toothpaste was all over the place." "That's something that I will not quickly forget," Reynolds laughed.

"Yeah, she sneaks up behind me with some toothpaste [pouring from her mouth] in this scene where she's all hopped up on painkillers and it's just an ugly mess; I didn't really see it coming." "It was real toothpaste," Faris revealed, grimacing. It was terribly hard to not gag on that." To the "Just Friends" stars, drooling toothpaste was but one of the ugly things they were willing to do for a laugh.

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