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They’re formidable beasts, and they’re made all the scarier by the fact that you actually find yourself caring about the characters.

He is also committed to the emotional side that this film will reveal – hence, why he wants to use ‘real’ women, not porn professionals.

So when they crash land in the Irish sea and start preying on the inhabitants of Erin Island, there’s only one thing for the locals to do: organise a lock-in and get paralytically drunk.

It’s a daft sounding premise, but plays it straight, and by doing so, manages to turn a potentially silly idea into something rather wonderful.

It’s not that it doesn’t have a sense of humour – it’s definitely a comedy horror, and it’s frequently hilarious – but the comedy doesn’t come at the expense of its characters, or of the film’s sense of realism.

Comedy is only one aspect of the film, and it’s not even the most important one: above all, this is a love story. By choosing to set this story on an island, Erin Island is a small fishing community, the kind of sleepy small-town where everyone knows everyone else.

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