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In this article I’m only going to tell you have, if you need more information check Miguel A.Castro’s article “WCF the Manual Way…the Right Way“.For more information, see Creating and Deploying Elastic Beanstalk Applications in . NET Development Blog , or the AWS Application Management Blog. NET Framework provide many improvements, including support for new language features in c#, garbage collection, enhancements in cryptography support, feature toggles, new classes in the BCL and others.NET 4.6, under certain circumstances, with certain parameter types and sizes.You can read more about the bug finding here and the issue is being tracked on Git Hub, followed by Microsoft’s response and recommendation.

The Visual Studio tools have always been crappy at generating code.If you think you’re seeing an old version of a page, refreshing the page will usually work.There’s a refresh button near or inside the address bar at the top of your browser window, or you can use on a Mac) to refresh the page.When you look at web pages, your browser holds onto a copy of each page (this is called caching).These copies speed up your web surfing, but if a page was updated after your browser saved its copy, you may be seeing an outdated version of that page.

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